February 22, 2019

Into Javascript programming

Before there were computers, there were algorithms. But now that there are computers,
there are even more algorithms

To start working with javascript first you need to understand some basic programming concepts.

What is programming?
A program is a set of instructions to tell the computer what to do.

When computer programming started, programming languages didn't exist,
computer programs where computer processor instructions based on binary code,

01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101

Word code represented in ASCII binary code.

Since binary code is very cryptic thus hard to remember to how the human brain works, humans invented programming languages, a programming language looks something like this.

var name = "Israel";

What the computer does in background is:
store string value "Israel" in variable name

This is a very basic instruction we give to the computer.

Javascript is a language used to tell our computers how to solve problems through algorithms,  what is an algorithm? In simple terms, is a formula which describes instructions to address a particular issue.

In this series, I will show you the basic bricks of the language javascript, with which you will be able to solve any algorithmic problem you can encounter.

First chapter: Into Javascript
The basic units of the language you will use to formulate your instructions are the fo

Like the letters of the abecedary and the numbers you use to do day to day math, there are certain types of units in a programming language; in javascript, they are as follows.


But as in English grammar, programming languages also have grammar rules and names,  the most basic unit of a program is called a statement, and looks like this:

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